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Property & Casualty Claims

Triangle Insurance believes in a fast and fair claims process. We know it is important to speak to a live person when experiencing an overwhelming loss, which is why at Triangle Insurance, someone always answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on maintaining a sense of urgency when it comes to your claim and in most instances, we have boots on the ground within 24 hours of the loss notice. Our property and casualty claim professionals are determined to get your company back in business as smoothly and quickly as possible. 800.894.5020


Workers Compensation

Workers compensation claims not only can be devastating to the injured worker, but to your company as well. Workers can suffer life-altering injuries and face financial hardships, while the company can experience production stoppages as well as incurring indirect costs. Our workers compensation claims specialists are well-experienced in guiding both the injured worker and your company through the claims process. Our ultimate goal is to return a healthy worker back to the job as quickly as possible. 800.894.5020


Property & Casualty Claim

Report your property and casualty loss immediately, so we can begin gathering information before important details are lost or additional losses occur. You will need the name of the insured company, contact name and information as well as the date and description of the loss.

Triangle Insurance understands losses can be overwhelming and have made claim reporting as simple as possible with our online, user-friendly form. If you would rather speak to a live person, call 800.890.5020. We have a live person ready to take your call 24 hours a day.

Report a P&C Claim.


Cotton Floater Claim

Triangle Insurance requires all cotton floater claims to be reported within 72 hours. This allows the opportunity for us to investigate before damage or debris is removed. You will need the policy number, name of insured, contact name and information as well as the date, time, location and description of the loss.


Our online, user-friendly form make reporting your cotton loss convenient and simple. If you would rather speak to a live person, call 800.890.5020. We have a live person ready to take your call 24 hours a day.

Report Tricot Claim


Workers Compensation Claim

A workers compensation claim can be unexpected, distressing and confusing for the injured employee and their employer. We are available to assist you through the entire process.


The first step in filling a workers compensation claim is to complete a state-specific first report of injury form. We have each applicable state’s form available online for convenient reporting. If you would rather speak to a live person, call 800.894.5020. We have a live person ready to take your call 24 hours a day.




Claim FAQ

What is replacement cost? The cost to repair or replace the damaged item with an item of like kind and quality without deduction for age, use or obsolescence.


What is Actual Cash Value? The cost to repair or replace the damaged item with an item of like kind and quality, less an adjustment for factors such as age, use deterioration and/or obsolescence.

How will Triangle determine the damage to my vehicle? You may obtain an estimate from the repair shop of your choice. Generally, Triangle will also secure a competitive bid, or we may assign an appraiser to inspect and estimate the damages. Based on this information, our adjuster will work with you to determine the best plan of action and establish the cost to repair or replace your vehicle.

What can I expect from Triangle when a property and casualty claim is filed? Triangle insurance will immediately assign the claim to an experienced claim professional for investigation and handling. An acknowledgement letter will be emailed and the adjuster will begin the investigation of the claim within 24 hours by contacting your company representative. Our adjuster will proactively manage the claim in order to limit your exposure, and ensure your property is repaired or replaced to the full extent of your coverage.


How does an umbrella liability policy work? An umbrella policy provides excess liability limits in the event of a catastrophic loss. Once the underlying limits of the business auto, general liability or employer’s liability policies are exhausted by a single occurrence, the umbrella liability policy kicks in to provide additional coverage.


If a contractor or one of his employees gets hurt while working on my property: can they sue me? If the contractor has workers compensation coverage, it will cover the contractor and his employees’ injuries as long as you are not at fault. If the contractor does not have workers compensation or if your operations caused the injury, you could be liable for their loss. Always obtain a certificate of insurance for liability and workers compensation coverage before allowing a contractor to work on your property.


What do I do after an auto loss or accident? Contact Triangle Insurance immediately if injuries are involved or substantial assets are at risk. We are available to help you with a serious accident, 24/7. Contact us as soon as possible for non-injury or minor accidents. Gather loss information including the description of damages to the vehicles involved, names, addresses and phone number of the individuals involved, and witnesses to the accident. Contact law enforcement if the loss is due to an accident and is not on private property.


Work Comp FAQ

Is the Employer or Injured Employee responsible for reporting a workers compensation claim? Both. It is the employee’s duty to immediately report any work-related injury or condition to their employer or immediate supervisor. Employers have a legal duty to report all work-related injuries, even those that seem minor in nature, immediately to Triangle Insurance. Work related injuries need to monitored and managed appropriately to prevent exacerbating a condition. Not doing this can cause a minor claim to become a major one.


How do I report a workers compensation claim to Triangle Insurance Company? Workers compensation claims are reported via a First Report of Injury form. These forms vary by state and can be found at the bottom of this page. Submit completed First Report of Injury forms to claims@triangleins.com or fax to 580-233-4847.

What can be expected once a workers compensation claim has been filed? Triangle Insurance immediately assigns a workers compensation claims professional to your claim. Efforts are made to contact all parties to the claim within 24 hours; this includes the injured worker, employer and medical provider. A treatment plan is designed to obtain the appropriate treatment for the injury. The claim professional manages the claim until a final resolution is reached; ideally a full recovery and the worker returns to work.


What responsibilities do I, as the employer, have after a workers compensation claim has been filed? Maintain contact and provide encouragement to your injured worker during their recovery process. This aids in the worker’s recovery and returns them to work much more quickly. In addition, work closely and communicate consistently with the assigned claims professional. Sharing of information many times results in shorter recovery periods and better outcomes.

As an injured worker, what benefits am I entitled to after my work related injury? Benefits vary by jurisdiction (state) and can include reasonably necessary medical treatment and wage compensation during your recovery. Please contact your assigned claims professional to discuss benefits applicable to your claim.


Do I get to select my doctor for my work related injury? Each jurisdiction (state) determines whether the employer or injured worker gets choice of physician. It is very important you work with the claims professional assigned to your case to determine the best course of treatment for your injury.


P&C Claim Form


Cotton Floater Claim


First Report of Injury

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